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For My Baby...


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"The light of the Evenstar never fades or dims, nor does my love for you."
I know now what my every dream and aspiration in life looks like when they take shape.  You are the love of my life, of every fiber of my being, of every cells that makes up every portion of my body.  You are, simply put, the reason I still try everday to become successful.  You are the reason I can sleep comfortably each night and the reason I can rise each morning looking forward to the new day.  You are my sun and moon, shining ever so brightly during the times of light and lighting my way during the dark times, showing me the path home to you.
Contrary to popular belief, I am not good with words.  However, when you come into my mind, I can express myself in ways that I would never have the tenacity or dedication to try and figure out on my own.  In a bit of better english, you make me a better person, a better speaker, a better man.  I am now, and will always be yours and yours alone.  When a person finds perfection, they seldom let it go.  I have found my perfection in you, and I hope you in me.  Together with both of our skills and faults, like two parts of a puzzle which you can't understand the picture without both being together, we make each other better.  I am yours forever my love.

Red Rose, Spinning