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Alright people, listen up...  I absolutely suck at website creation... I have tried and tried and tried...  yet I can never get it right...  Take a look at the site, browse around, enjoy yourself laughing at my ineptitude, and, for God's sake, please give me some feedback here...

If you are on this website, you already know my name is Chris.  I'm currently 23 years old, with a Bachelor's Degree in biology from Farleigh Dickinson University.  (Am I supposed to be happy about that??)  I currently attend Rutger's University going for a Master's Degree in Molecular Biology. 
     I NOW work at the Center for Molecular Medicine and Immunology at The Garde State Cancer Center.  I do alot of work trying to cure cancer in the newest and most innovative ways.  I, unfortunately, have to work with mice and on accasion i do have to kill them.  It isn't one of my favorite things to do, but it is for the better of mankind.  I also do alot of really cool chemistry work and cell culturing.  One of the things I am currently working on is proving to have VERY VERY good results and my Supervisor is very happy with the way things are going...  so keep looking here...  I will keep it updated. Currently she is in Toronto giving a presentation to hundreds of important science people about MY WORK!!!  this means good things for me.....  STAY TUNED!!!! 
P.S. I am always looking for pointers and help on what I should add to the site, please feel free to Contact me about any ideas you may have!!  Thanks!

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Me? Drinking???!? NAH!!!!

What's New?

10/30/02 - Officially started the site putzing around with it until i publish it to the web....
11/1/02 - Published to the web for all to see, now let's get the word out....
12/26/02 - Happy Holidays Everyone!!!   I was looking at other people's site's today and I got alot of really good ideas for mine... gonna see what I can do.... (P.S. Thanks My Secretary for the inspiration, even though you don't know it yet...)
4/2/03 - It's been a while, but I finally had a few minutes to update a few things... I promise to keep it up....   BTW you can get the top news of the day here, so you could make my site a homepage if you like....   lol


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